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Business lead databases are an incredible resource for any business wanting to generate clients. Leads are the life source of almost every successful business. Without leads you have no customers and without customers you have no sales, no referrals, and definitely no income.

Business lead databases are a huge resource of business leads. They are websites or companies that have a list of businesses categorized into industry sectors. The best business databases will be updated often and they will only contain opt-in leads to businesses that wish to be included.

Fresh Leads

Regularly updated lists mean you will always have up to date information. You won’t be clicking dead links to sites, you won’t be trying to contact people who have left the company or moved department and you won’t be contacting companies who are in a different industry to the type you are interested in.

Opt-In Leads

Opt-in leads mean that the business and contact details you are using are not only relevant but they are also willing recipients of your emails, letters, or phone calls. With the increase of Spam and the prosecution of people and companies who partake in spamming individuals and companies it is in your best interest to make sure that you do not Spam.

Targeted Prospects

Specific leads from business databases will be categorized accurately depending on geographic location, industry and any other specifications you may have. The increasing use of the Internet to run businesses means that geographic location isn’t as important anymore. You can sell your products or services to customers across the world but you may also want to send mail campaigns or paper flyers. You may be selling large heavy equipment or a service that can only be performed in person. In these cases you will only want to contact companies or people who are in a region close to your own.

Reputable business databases will offer all of this and much more. As you can imagine, keeping a database like this maintained and up to date will entail a lot of work. In order to do this effectively, they will more than likely charge a small fee to cover the ongoing work.

Find a Good Business Database and Stick With It

The Internet has a lot of available business databases and you should be careful to select one that has a large number of businesses included and keeps it’s records up to date and as accurate as possible. You shouldn’t just jump in with the cheapest one you can find or you may find that you wasted your money and you have to pay again for a better database.

Business databases are an invaluable resource for getting large amounts of leads in a very short period of time. They can save you months, even years, of trying to develop your own leads and every web site and small business should consider using one.

Paying for the use of business databases can either be as a one time payment allowing you full lifetime access or on a monthly basis, or even for each category of mailing list you require. There’s even a chance you could get some free leads for your money.

In short, business lead databases can be a great investment. Don’t just jump in and buy the first lead list you find. Shop around, find a reputable company and the extra work and fees involved will likely be very worth the effort.

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1. Limited Features

The biggest disadvantage of web builders is limited functionality. If you need an information based
website (think brochure in website form), website builders will NOT be able to handle all of your
content and desired functionality. As your business grows you will likely need more out of your
website. At some point you will need extra functionality that a website builder just can’t deliver. Want
to add a web store? Wix can’t support that. Need a blog? Not happening on Weebly. Looking to build a
closed online community? Squarespace is not for you.

You will have to start over on another platform in order to get the functionality you want. Starting over
means more money and more time to add a new feature to your website.

2. Lack of Control

Most website builders will try to make decisions for you. And when something goes wrong and breaks
it will be very difficult to fix it. Support for website builders is often limited, especially if you use one
of the smaller ones. You’ll end up spending hours pouring over support documents looking for an
answer that simply doesn’t exist.

Even if you are able to find a solution for that one problem you might create another problem in the

3. Not Responsive

Websites built with web builders are often not responsive. This means that if you view your website on
a weird size phone or a tablet, or a smaller window on your computer things will not display as they
should. Responsive websites change and reformat as you change the size of the viewing window. This
website is responsive, so, if you resize the Internet window on your computer you’ll see the website
change in real-time to fit.

If You Are Using A Website Builder, You Are Going To Instantly Be Years Behind The Curve.

4. Templates Are Deceiving

EVERY website builder claims to have beautiful templates for websites. Let me tell you a secret from experience  about
templates: unless you have the exact same content parts as the template your website will never look as
good as the demo. A template also is not a substitute for a designer. If you are making substitutions,
replace photos, change fonts on a template I can guarantee you that the beautiful, professionally
designed template that you picked out will no longer look professional.

Using a template does not equal a high-quality designed website. In fact, there are lots of ugly template
designs out there. You want your website to make a positive, lasting impression on your visitors. A
poorly executed template, beautiful or not, will end up hurting your business and will push away
visitors that could have been clients.

5. Poor SEO Practices

As a small business, here’s where web builders really fall flat. Good SEO practices are very important.
Most website builders will have very limited SEO features, if they have any at all.

So Be aware that starting down the path of a website builder might mean that you have to start over in
the future. Starting anything over almost always equals time and money that you don’t have. Invest in
your business by setting up your website the right way the first time.

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One of the greatest miscalculations a business owner can commit is by not prioritizing how he will protect his computer system from unauthorized intrusions and data theft.

There is a common belief among business owners especially those that do not operate a big business that their small size makes them safe from the malicious intent of computer “phreakers” and data thieves. They think that in a sea full of big fishes a small fish will be ignored, secure in the fact they are not worth the exertion and computer time for notorious data thieves.

Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, smaller businesses are far more vulnerable to Internet security threats and all manner of data theft and electronic sabotage. Based on a study made by research firm AMI-Partners, almost half of all small and medium sized businesses have failed to implement even the most rudimentary security precautions – which includes the installation of antivirus and anti spyware programs. This oversight could be the main reason why when the My Doom worm hit a few years back, one in three small and medium sized businesses were affected compared to just one in six among the larger companies. This was discovered by the Internet Security Alliance, a non profit organization that deals with information security issues.

In fact, now more than ever data and network protection should be given more attention because of the ever evolving sophistication of data thieves. They are now more equipped with the software and hardware necessary to break into security measures instituted by data managers. What could the chances be for a company to weather an attack if the owner forgets or ignores putting in place data security and encryption policies for his business because he thinks it will just be an additional cost? Practically zero and the untold cost to his business would be far greater.

It is for this reason that data security and encryption should be one of the priorities of a business. Anyone is vulnerable to an attack whether that business is an international conglomerate or a new start up. In fact, a big business will have a much better chance to recover compromised data or processes compared to a small business because a big company will have the funds available to rebuild the business. A small business, on the other hand, will not in most cases, have the necessary funding to start the business all over again – making an attack quite catastrophic.

These facts are not lost on many software providers who are now coming up with many types of solutions that guarantee the safety of data in an office’s network. There are also software that bring security to a higher level by incorporating encryption technology in order to safeguard not only sensitive data but also to make it harder for hackers to get into networks or intercept data being transmitted from the corporate network to devices outside of the network. Encryption technology can, in fact, be seen as one of the highest levels of protection that a business can employ in order to ensure the integrity of its data and its computer network.

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